About BotMakr

BotMakr lets you easily create chatbots and share them so they can interact with your colleagues, friends, or the public. You decide what your bots talk about and who they can learn from.

You can make bots for fun or for business. A bot for fun might talk about Harry Potter books. A business bot might be an expert in your company that can answer customer questions about your product or services.

How do I create a bot?

Click here to create your own bot. It's fast, free, and easy!

How does my bot learn?

Your bot can either learn from its conversations or from being trained, or both. Read more about how your bot learns

How can I stop other people from influencing my bot?

Configure your bot so it learns only from you. Or, once your bot has been trained to your satisfaction, turn off learning mode entirely so your bot responds to requests but no longer learns from its interactions.

How can I add a bot to my website?

Edit your bot to see the unique URL that you can use to link to your bot. Add a link from your website to your bot's unique BotMakr URL.

Do you provide white labeling of bots?

This feature is available to paying customers. Contact us for details.

Can I programmatically access my bot through an API?

Yes! Registered users can see the developers page for details.

Why should I register with BotMakr?

Bots created by unregistered users get deleted automatically within 12 hours. Registered users can create multiple bots, manage, configure, and train them, access them via an API, and see statistics on their usage. Registration is fast, free and easy. Join now

What technology is behind BotMakr?

Our bot engine uses proprietary algorithms and technologies. Contact us if you are interested in licening our bot engine.

How do I contact BotMakr?

We thought you'd never ask! Email inquiries can be sent to